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H 2.7-500W windmolen-compleet met alle elektronika + mast.

Windturbine is een kleine en lichte structuur met vele functies en veel power.Met sinusomvormer

Article code: H 2.7-500W

H 2.7-500W windmolen-compleet met alle elektronika + mast.

Special offer for 2499, = € 
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Complete with: 
  1. 1.Let controller built 
  2. 2.Sine Inverter 24 V 240V 1000 watts 
  3. 3.Mast 6 mtr. with 8 mm tuidraad 
4.Tensioners and bolts and nuts 
6.With a maximum power output of 1000 watts 


Model: H2.7-500W 
Hummer 500W wind turbine is designed for off grid system which uses battery bank to store energy. It can drive resistive appliances (<500W), or pump (≤370W). 
1. SCF supercritical generator technology, generator weight is 1/3-1/5 of traditional ones, can start up in the breeze. 
2. Blade with airfoil design, in aerodynamics standard, high efficiency, low noise, beautiful shape. 
3. Two SKF bearings, stable inner and outer ring, operation in the high temperature (150~350℃) and low temperature (-20~-50℃). With the perfect internal geometric structure and rough surface, it has higher rated bearings and lower noise as well as long service life. 
4. Yawing and electromagnetism braking make wind wheel turning in a safe range. Shutting down methods of manual and automatic ensure the safety of whole system. 
Rated power (W) 500 
Maximum output power (W) 1000 
Speed regulation method Yawing + Electromagnetism braking 
Shutting down method Manual + Automatic 

The generator of the H2.7-500W is one of the most advanced in the world, he is made ​​of refined magnetic material, special copper alloy and aerospace aluminum and stainless steel, is very efficient and powerful. By an astonishing 6.5 kg weight, H2.7-500W wind turbine to generate more power than you can imagine. The wind energy utilization is 0.48 high, while the generator efficiency is more than 0.78. And is the nominal power of the wind turbine H2.7-500W 500W and max power is 1000W. 
H2.7-500W windturbine is ontworpen voor het gebruik van  accu's om energie op te slaan. H2.7-500W windturbine is geschikt voor afgelegen gebieden afgelegen gebieden, waar geen netspanning beschikbaar is, zoals afgelegen dorp, bergachtige gebieden, remote observatie site, militaire post en tv-uitzending station, kantoor, bedrijf, etc.
Toepassing van Model H2.7-500W windturbine

Goed te gebruiken voor stand alone situatie's :

Huisvesting, kantoor, bedrijf en de fabriek
Telecommunicatie Station
TV Station
Monitoring Station (militair, hydrologie, sterrenwacht)
Vaste standplaats stacaravan
Vaatuigen als motorboten en woonboot

Windturbine for home and aut side home
Features of hummer 500W wind turbines: Kenmerken van hummer 500W windturbines: 
.1. SCF supercritical generator technology, generator weegt op zich zelf 6.5 kg, generator efficiency over 0.78.
 2. Quality parts use SKF bearings and so on.
3. Sine wave output, drive water pump < 370w, refrigerator <130L etc. 
 4. High cost performance 
5. Low running noise  
6. Connect with 300W solar panels to make up the wind-solar hybrid system. 
Application of Model H2.7-500W wind turbine 
It can drive color TV, refrigerator<=130L, pump<=370W or other resistive appliances <500W. 
Well used in:  
Housing, office, farm and factory  
Telecommunications Station 
TV Transfer Station 
Monitoring Station-military, hydrology, observatory 
Water-pumping Station  
H2.7-500W miniwindgenerator

Sine wave inverter 
The H2.7-500 W mini wind generator is a small and lightweight with a powerful generator.That makes the mini wind generator into a high minigenerator.The many patented technologies and sophisticated materials make the H2.7-500W mini wind generator so unique. The included SINE inverter 24volt to 230 volt the same stream as it comes out of the outlet is very suitable for you elektronica.The generator of the H3.1-500W mini wind generator is one of the most advanced in the world, and is made of the most refined materials, special copper alloy, aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, it is a very efficient mini wind generator. Despite the amazing light weight of 6.5 kg, the H2.7-500W wind generator mini unprecedented high strength genereren.The wind energy utilization is 0.48 while the generator efficiency is more than 0.78. The rated power of H2.7-500W mini wind generator is 500W and max power is 1000W. 

Nominaal vermogen
(W) 500
Maximale output power  
 W  1000
  (V)  DC 24
Blade aantal 
Rotorblad materiaal 
GRP ( Glas fiber)
Rotorblad diameterm  
Start-up windsnelheid  
 (m / s) 2.7
Nominale windsnelheid 
(m / s) 3,0
Scoort roterende tarief 
(r / min) 600
Windenergie gebruik te maken van ratio
 (Cp) 0,42
Generator output Single-fase frequentieomzetting 
Nominale laadstroom
 (A) 15
De maximale laadstroom (in een korte tijd) 
(A) 25
Output AC frequentie
 (Hz) 0 ~ 300
Getuide toren met een diameter (mm) 
76*2000*3 (3pcs)
Toren hoogte (m) 
Toren hoogte 6 (m) 
Het gewicht van de generator (kg)
Total weight incl.packing 
105 kg
Accu  12V 150Ah/200Ah
 2 stuks


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